Collection: Homemade - Knitting yarns

The softness of your garment depends entirely on the fineness of the fiber and the proper sorting of the fleece. This is why we only bring to the market the best quality alpaca that we sort carefully to ensure an optimal end result.
The qualities of our alpaca yarns are
ROYAL ALPACA: less than 19 microns. This extraordinary quality is very rare, from the best baby alpacas. This quality represents only 1% of the world production of alpaca fiber. An irresistible ocean of softness and mellowness!
BABY ALPACA: from 19 to 23 microns. This is an excellent quality that can only be found in good alpacas. Very pleasant to wear on contact with the skin.
FINE ALPACA: from 23 to 27 microns. This quality is more common in breeding, it does not sting the skin.
We do not produce MEDIUM ALPACA or STRONG ALPACA yarn. Even if this is the quality that is generally found in the trade, it does not highlight the true qualities of alpaca fiber, as we want you to know it.
You will certainly find plant debris in our knitting yarn, this is normal. And it is even a guarantee of quality. Why?
  • Our animals eat hay all year round and do not wear a blanket, their fleece is cleared of most of the hay debris before mowing, but there is always a little left over.
  • The finest fleeces and therefore the softest, hang much more leaves, twigs, hay and everything they graze so it is in Royal Alpaca that you will find the most small pieces of vegetation.
  • We do not use the techniques of large spinning mills: neither an acid solution that is bad for your skin and the environment, nor a steamroller to eliminate this debris, which also makes it possible not to weaken the fiber.
You are therefore knitting a very strong natural alpaca yarn that is made with great care!
Specialist in custom-made yarn production, we are also able to produce your own personalized alpaca yarn.