Collection: Homemade - Bedding

We produce 100% pure Belgian alpaca duvets, toppers and pillows.

Everything is made entirely by hand and every detail is meticulously controlled to offer you high-end sleeping comfort thanks to natural bedding with exceptional thermal properties.

Indeed, to be able to survive the harsh climate of the Altiplano and the large temperature variations of up to 30 ° C in a few hours, this magnificent animal has developed an extraordinary fiber. An incomparable fiber that protects not only from the cold but also from extreme heat. 

The delicately sorted, washed and transformed fleece becomes a dream bedding, incredibly comfortable ensuring you a deep restful sleep.

Alpaca fiber provides optimal heat and humidity regulation. In addition to being odorless, alpaca fiber is devoid of lanolin. This bedding is perfect for people with rheumatic diseases, gout and for people with allergies.

Optimal comfort, this bedding is a 100% natural product. The filling is made only from our own alpaca fiber and the cover is made of cotton from organic plantations.


We wish you sweet dreams ...